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Do you feel like you’ve tried every avenue possible to reduce your pain? We hear you. And we’ve got some good news – a new weapon to aid in your fight.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative answer to chronic pain. Our groundbreaking new VR platform, developed in partnership with BehaVR, will provide you with a visually engaging experience designed to help you take control of the pain you’ve been living with for weeks, months, or years.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

Our VR technology is a convenient, comfortable experience. When you’re wearing the goggles, you’ll be presented with both animation and videos designed to help you better learn, understand, and retain information about pain and its perception. Your physical therapist will integrate VR into one of your regular, activity-based physical therapy sessions, allowing them to guide you through the treatment and continually monitor your progress. This cutting-edge program is exclusive to ProActive and unique in our region, and our therapists have been specialty trained and certified in Pain Neuroscience Education and VR technology. To book an appointment or ask your physical therapist about incorporating VR into your treatment today, click here.

Interested in seeing firsthand how one of our patients benefitted from VR, or how one of our expert therapists describes the program?

Check out the videos below, or click here to see Mollie’s story on a couple of our local news stations.

A few weeks of commitment can mean a future free from pain. What's holding you back?

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